Basketball Return Net

Love shooting hoops all day long? If you’re one who prepares early enough, then summer can’t come quickly enough for you to stay outdoors all day long, throwing your basketball into the hoop as you attempt to make that money shot. Of course, part of the satisfaction is seeing you make your shot, but what happens when you miss it (and by a mile, to boot)?
This is where the Basketball Return Net comes in, where it allows you to practice from just about any distance or direction without having to go through the hassle of chasing down balls when you can spend that time shooting. You will need to mount it to rectangular backboards up to 60″ wide in just a matter of minutes, where the net will extend 15′ from the hoop with its corners attached to a couple of moveable, weighted bases. Those bases will need 50 lbs. of sand, and it will facilitate quick return of free throw and perimeter shots.
At $149.95 a pop, surely your little one might grow up to be the next Michael Jordan or Larry Bird as his natural talent is augmented by practice.