Pet Scale lets you know whether Fido needs a diet


If you’re feeling a little bit flush as you have a couple of Benjamins ($169.95 to be exact) in your wallet to spare, then the Pet Scale might be just the thing for you. Why do we say so, you ask? After all, don’t all vets come with a scale of their own, that you need not monitor your pooch’s weight to such a detail? I normally try to “feel” my way through my dog’s ribs, can’t feel them and she’s too fat, if I see any ribs jaunting out, then she’s too thin.

Still, we know that there are others out there who want nothing but the most accurate data possible, which is where the Pet Scale comes in. It is touted to offer the same precision levels as those found in veterinarians’ offices, with a 130 lb. capacity while having the ability to show off your weight in pounds, ounces, or kilograms to within 3.5 oz./0.22 lb/0.02 kg. It has a stainless steel platform which is spacious enough for Fido to stand or lie down, and can be juiced by an included AC adapter or a quartet of AA batteries.

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