AQ Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Now that the bitter cold of winter is done and over with for those living in the northern hemisphere, it is time to get out and play. Of course, for folks who do not live in apartments but rather, on landed property, it makes perfect sense to spend your time outdoors since you will be able to bask under the sun, sipping on a pina colada and reading your favorite book.
Of course, having some music in the background is also part of the appeal, so getting a good pair of speakers is always worth the investment. Why not settle for the AQ Wireless Outdoor Speakers instead? Sure, it might come in only black or white shades (no doubt the former will be a whole lot easier to maintain due to its dark color, that you need not clean it so often), but either way, the £89.99 speakers are waterproof to withstand those rainy days, and are more than capable of unleashing your favorite tunes within a 100 meter radius from its source (30 to 40 meters through walls and ceilings) without missing a beat.