Color Changing Cube


They say that a man’s home is his castle, so if that is the case, why not make sure you do your best to spruce that pad of yours up with the Color Changing Cube? After all, forking out £149.99 will give you an experience unlike any other – it is capable of looking like a piece of sleek minimalist furniture when you need it to be just that, or a loopy rainbow party-piece when Friday evening comes and you break out the champagne bottles.

Thanks to its comfy curved edges and plain white faces, this cool stool will be worth an entrance in any room around the house, but it will have its strength played out when the lights are dimmed. We are quite sure that owners of entertainment establishments too will want to check this piece of furniture out to enhance the decor of their venue.

LEDs are the main source of light within, and you are able to choose from sixteen different color combinations in order to match your mood at that time. With four separate lighting effects to cycle through, you can be sure no two parties will be the same. Nice to know that everything about the Color Changing Cube can be controlled via a remote, so as a host, you can always dictate the pace of the environment without missing a beat.

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