Neon Green mixes fashion and gadgets wth solar power

When it comes to companies, it is all about what type of image that you want to present. In the case of Neon Green, it would appear that they are a company that is techno-conscious, fashion-conscious, and environmentally conscious.
I first saw them about a year ago, when I went to CTIA Spring 2010. They had these weird gold naked mannequins at their display that looked like props from the movie Goldfinger. Of course, what got my attention were their products.
You an see their Lil’ Piggy Power Banks here in the photo to your right, and they are essentially solar powered keychains that serve as batteries for your mobile devices. It takes about 22-24 hours in full sunlight to get a full charge, and I’m sure they can only give your mobile device just a little charge. However, if you are in a pinch, sometimes that is all you need. These keychains will be available soon, and be in mini-USB and Apple 30-pin connector models.
In addition to this, the company also has these backpacks with larger solar panels that charge up a battery which can also power a mobile gadget. Neon Green is also famous for the Mixie Bike, a fixed gear bike that is pretty hip, too.
Head to the Neon Green site to see all their stuff as well as their catalog here, and enjoy “Soular Power”.