Wireless Parasol Speaker

For many of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, summer will be right at our doorstep before we know it. After all, the long chill of winter is over, and spring is in full swing (although certain parts of the country are starting to get bizarre with snow in the spring) as it marches towards summer. That’s the time you break open the umbrellas, as you prepare your summer menu and activities which are often held outdoors.
Why not add some zest the next time you have a huge parasol in your garden? Get the £49.99 Wireless Parasol Speaker and clip it to the pole of any outdoor parasol and you’re good to go, it doesn’t really matter whether said parasol is large or small since it has a self-adjusting flexi-grip. For out of sight audio, just clip it to the base of the pole, or if you want to listen to your favorite tunes from above, clip it to the top and you’re good to go.
Should the sun decide to hide behind the hills because of this thing called “dusk”, you will be pleased to know that the Wireless Parasol Speaker comes with a dozen built-in LEDs that will shed light on your surroundings – flick it on with a switch for an easy transition. With an indoor transmitter that can work with just about any audio system, the Wireless Parasol Speaker on the outside can pick up the signal within a 15 meter radius.