How I tested out the Dry Case with my own phone at CTIA Spring 2011

See that phone there at the bottom of the fishtank? It is mine. You might think that that I am worried that this is the last time I will see its beautiful wall paper (that’s a picture of my wife on it), but I am not, because it is in the Dry Case.
We have reported on this particular device before, but it is something that you have to see to believe. The demonstration at CTIA Spring 2011 made me a believer, and I’m not certain what compelled me to risk my phone over it. Man, if it didn’t work, that would have sucked.
Fortunately, the Dry Case guy was there, and sealed the bag properly. He then used this small hand-pump to create the vacuum seal, and it went into the drink. If the fish tank that you see in the picture was 100 feet deep, it would have worked.
Of course, I’m not a scuba diver. If I wanted to listen to music on my phone ten feet underwater, I could do that with the Dry Buds, which are about $29.99. Also, if I wanted to take my tablet PC underwater, Dry Case has one of those for about $59.99. The regular Dry Case is about $39.99, and it comes with a buoyant armband. If you want the Sports Belt, you can get that for about $19.99. You should be able to pick all of these up at the Dry Case site now.

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  1. Okay, if you need your phone that badly that you can’t even scuba dive in peace and enjoy the scenic view underwater and it’s living creatures, you are one of those that die at age of 50yrs old from heart attack from an over stressed life style lol! I mean, really!

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