Chumby8 announced to usher in next generation of Chumbies


Anyone remember the Chumby? Yeah, this nifty little device that might help pique your interest in the world of widgets has been available for the better part of the last few years already, so it makes perfect sense if there was something better coming your way. We’re talking about the Chumby8, the next generation of the Chumby line that will launch officially on April 5th. Sporting a $199 price point, it is already up for pre-order just in case you’re interested over at

As with any new piece of hardware, you can expect it to come with a new design which departs from the old and yet retains enough legacy lines to know that this is a progeny. An 8-inch LCD touchscreen display is thrown into the mix, coupled with enhanced features and more than 1,500 free apps to play around with for one to truly enjoy the Chumby8 as it delivers a personalized stream of your favorite apps – not to mention doubling up, or should we say, tripling up as digital photo frame and music player.

According to Derrick Oien, CEO of chumby industries, “The chumby8 truly marks an evolution of the chumby device and software platform, creating a more personalized and user-friendly Internet streaming device that will complete any connected home or office. We’ve taken the time over the past year to listen to chumby fans and owners and incorporate their feedback into the new chumby8 and created a great multi-purpose connected device capable of tailoring to all.”

Among the new features found on the Chumby8 are as follows :-

  • New, modern industrial design available in black and red. Customized skins available from Skinit
  • 8-inch 800×600 touchscreen LCD
  • Two USB ports, CF and SD memory card slots
  • New web browser support, allows you to access links within apps
  • Revamped UI and streamlined navigation
  • Updates to share features make it easier to send photos, videos and apps to friends and family
  • Robust Internet radio offers over 10,000 internet radio and podcast stations
  • Full alarm system allows you to wake up to your favorite music stations and apps
  • Task scheduler
  • Flash Lite 4 update to support AS3 coming soon

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