Bluetooth Headset Camcorder

A Bluetooth headset is pretty much commonplace, and more or less everyone who owns a cell phone has one of these in their pockets, at home, or dangling right outside their ear. The next time you see someone wearing something that is not quite like a Bluetooth headset, and yet isn’t a hearing aid, you might want to ask him/her whether this is the Bluetooth Headset Camcorder or not.
This unique Bluetooth headset will not only record, but can transmit video over to a smartphone device. Of course, you can forget about living the High Definition life with this since it will shoot video at 480p resolution at 30 fps, which should be good enough for spy videos and to collect incriminating evidence of your adversary with but a glance.
Wirelessly transmitting an MPEG4 recording to an iPhone or Android smartphone, your smartphone will function as the viewfinder as you position your head to properly align the camcorder with your field of vision. All recorded video will be instantly shared via e-mail, either that or you can opt to post them on Facebook or Youtube with but a single button press. Seems to be the perfect toy for James Bond junior at a rather hefty $199.95.

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