MacBook Air lock is now available

How many of you spend plenty of time at cafes and public places, sippin’ on a latte while surfing the Internet for the latest news thanks to a Wi-Fi hotspot? Of course, if you’re out with a group of friends, it is easy to just head off to the loo without worrying that someone will nick away your laptop – but if you happen to fly solo, the possibility is very real, especially when you’re a tourist in an unfamiliar area.
There is a very good reason for the existence of laptop locks, and for the world’s thinnest laptop, the MacBook Air from Apple, at long last someone has decided to do something about it by rolling out a lock for that particular make. We shall take a look at how it works in closer detail in the extended post.

Apple’s MacBook Air lacks a security slot in case you didn’t notice, so you might think that there is virtually no way to prevent theft from happening. Good thing the people over at MacLocks are ingenious enough to come up with what they dub the MacBook Air Lock, making it the one and only MacBook Air Lock and Security Bundle in the market. Trust them, they know what they’re doing – after all, didn’t they churn out the best selling iPad Lock?
If you had to get just one MacBook Air accessory, better make sure this is at the top of your list instead of some fancy Hello Kitty cover. After all, would you rather settle for a lost MacBook Air, or one that has a little scratch on the side that nobody notices? As for the $74.95 MacBook Air Lock, it is also one of the best security solution around for retailers, since it does not leave any residue like stickers, making sure it remains fixed to the table all the time.
It works by incorporating a neat cover that also protects your MacBook Air courtesy of an integrated built-in security slot which is able to accommodate any of the standard cable locks that are currently sold on the market. Pretty ingenious, don’t you think so?
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3 thoughts on “MacBook Air lock is now available”

  1. This seemed like a great idea on paper. However the case is screwed into the chassis and then the locking housing is made of plastic. Being that I was going to deploy it to 30 (now 60) macbook airs I wanted to make sure it wasn’t cheap. So I was literally able to break the plastic locking housing directly off. I wouldn’t recommend this at all. If all you want is the appearance of looking secure, than this is the product for you!
    thumbs down!!

  2. is there any other product for macbook air other than that one. on a another note i saw it on youtube but i can’t find where i can buy this product.

  3. is offering security solutions for all existing Macbook air models. They work with a Kensington compatible lock.

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