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Going wireless and paperless – that has been the dream of many since time immemorial. OK, so perhaps I have stretched the truth by quite a mile, since that dream has not resulted in a full paperless society just yet, and take a peek behind your computer and you will not find any cable-free environment. Of course, there have been some remarkable advancements when it comes to wireless connectivity in the last decade, what with RF as well as Bluetooth being mature in their own right, not to mention the Qi wireless charging pad and Palm’s very own Touchstone Charger technology.

LG has decided to jump aboard the wireless charging bandwagon this time around as well, with what they call the LG Wireless Charging Pad. Also known as the WCP-700 if model numbers are your cup of tea, this particular device will feature a sleek and sharp design, where it intends to revolutionize wireless charging compared to what we know at the moment.

There will be inductive that are integrated coils into the battery doors and internal contacts, letting such advanced wireless charging technology paving the way for a cord-free power source in order to do away with the need for external connections which tend to limit the phone’s usability. Touted to provide industry leading wireless charging and ergonomics, it comes with audible and tactile feedback whenever you place a phone on the pad.

Visually, you can keep track of how much your handset has already been juiced thanks to multi-colored LED lights that are on the LG Wireless Charging Pad itself. Its compact, sleek design also makes it easy to tote around, especially if you’re one who travels a whole lot. Boasting an effective range of 7mm from center of placement, it should be pretty much on everyone’s wish list when it arrives early next month. Sounds too good to be true? We can guarantee you that this isn’t an April Fool’s joke, otherwise it would be a very expensive one at $69.99 a pop.

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