Salt & Power Shakers


The dining table often uses pretty standard fare for most folks, even when it comes to utensils and the ilk. Well, if you want to be different from the rest of the Joneses out there, you would do well to consider the Salt & Power Shakers. This unique set will definitely go down well with all those who have a bent for gizmos and geekery, and to cost only $18? Sounds (and looks) like a bargain to us.

After all, our bodies too need “batteries” which come in the form of food, and with the right amount of pepper and salt on a dish, your taste buds will explode in ecstasy. Why not do so with this special set? A transparent strip on the outside that lines up vertically will let you know just how much content there is left inside before you make a refill. Shaped to look like a D-cell battery, a rubber stopper is located at the bottom when you need to fill it up.

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