Quicktionary TS Premium offers a portable dictionary that does more than just provide meanings

Wizcom Technologies is a pretty well known name when it comes to portable scanning pens, and the latest device from its stables would be the Quicktionary TS Premium, which is actually a pocket sized, user-friendly portable dictionary and scanning device that will allow not only students but folks who work in multilingual environments to translate and define printed material regardless of where they are – all the while without disrupting their reading process.
The Quicktionary TS Premium is also more than capable of scanning printed text and transferring it over to a PC for future or later reference. According to Wizcom Technologies, their products are developed using unique expertise in linguistics and image processing. This has led them to achieve ‘best-of-breed’ milestones in the fields of microelectronics, electro-optics and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithm engines, hence leading to the birth of the Quicktionary TS Premium.

The Quicktionary TS Premium itself can be customized using the Wizcard, which in essence is an extension card that enables additional content to be added to the Pen, including dictionaries, OCR languages and text-to-speech components. If you so desire, you can easily switch between the Wizcard and original flash card in order to take advantage of the wide range of content that are available.
Of course, Wizcom isn’t going to rest on their laurels and not do anything about the situation but will instead strive to constantly develop new content in order to provide text solutions for a wide range of languages, and for users, that would mean those which were not previously addressed by any other device or program. Take for example, the Hebrew to Russian and Hebrew to English dictionaries. Seems like something students and language buffs would like to own in their repertoire of gizmos.
It will cost slightly north of 200 Euros a pop, so if you’re interested in starting off your semester with a bang, then the Quicktionary TS Premium might just be the thing for you.
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