Mauer Batting Trainer


You know what they say – practice makes perfect, and this general rule applies across a wide spectrum of things in life, even more so when it comes to disciplines such as sport and music. Of course, the same holds for math, too, and if you want to apply statistics to sport, then the Mauer Batting Trainer does seem to be the perfect device to purchase as you prepare to sweat it out this summer.

You might want to take note that this device was purchased (and more importantly, used) by three-time American League batting champion Joe Mauer, making it one of the baseball hitting trainers that will definitely do its it in helping you develop better bat speed, reflexes, and proper hitting mechanics. Apart from that, if you happen to be one of those lone ranger types, then this will also do away with the need for a practice partner, as it automatically drops a ball every six, eight, or 10 seconds.

This ought to help batters achieve a proper swing tempo, patience, and learn how to hit an off-speed pitch. There is a trampoline under the spout which enables hitters to practice soft toss hitting, a technique that is used by professional baseball players. Powered by a trio of AA batteries, the Mauer Batting Trainer will cost you $99.95 to bring home.

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