The Amazon App Store – Coming Soon?


I have to admit I love my iPad, it is far from a perfect gadget, but it’s fun nonetheless, especially since I really only use it for games and entertainment. Of course it’s getting pretty costly loading all that stuff on my iDevice, iTunes is expensive and limiting, but the Android Market just doesn’t seem as user friendly, that’s about to change, IF rumors are correct.

It seems that Amazon is getting close to launching an Android app store, and it’s going to sell some Android apps for less than the Google Marketplace, according to some leaked screenshots. Android News posted the screenshots several days ago after “accidently” visiting and finding a page listing about 48 Android apps for sale. Amazon has since redirected that URL to its home page, but not before Android News was able to grab some screenshots.

UPDATE: The Amazon App store is opening today, and is giving away a free paid app a day (for a limited time)  

If the prices shown in the screenshots are in fact accurate, then Amazon will actually be selling some of the apps for less than on Google’s Android Market and even have a few apps that they don’t. No doubt that Amazon could be a force to reckon with. Although they have been in trouble for selling Kindle books for discounted prices, they already offer some free movies, and discounted MP3’s. This might be just enough for me to break down and finally get a tablet. I’ve really wanted one anyway, but which one?




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