Eee PC gets touchscreen in DIY project


With so many devices these days getting the touchscreen function, it makes perfect sense for those with older or more ancient devices to have successors that keep up with the times. Of course, there are folks out there who love nothing better than to roll up their sleeves and perform some DIY hack on existing machines to be relevant in this day and age.

Case in point, throwing in touchscreen capabilities to an Eee PC, which is one of the earlier netbooks to really take off. If you’re interested, you can always follow this step-by-step guide which helps you install the relevant touchscreen hardware and make sure your netbook does not end up as a paperweight.

The hardware comprises of two parts, with the transparent film covering the screen and the driver board that reads inputs. The film itself will feature an adhesive layer on the back which sticks to the LCD panel. In order to install it however, you must first must remove the panel from the bezel while finding a place to house the driver board. Just make sure you’re have enough experience in this field before embarking on something so dangerous.

Source: Hack A Day

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Gadget Says: March 21, 2011 at 8:17 am

Great idea! Perhaps, is too complicated for the average user.

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