Genius has new wireless mice for travelers


Genius, a name that has become familiar for those who budget friendly peripherals that work well enough for years on end without requiring an upgrade too soon. Sure, they will not make an impact like how Razer would in terms of gaming, but for functionality on a shoe string pay packet, you won’t really go wrong with Genius’ offerings.

This time around, we have a couple of wireless mice for your perusal, where they are the Traveler 6000 wireless mouse and Traveler 6000 Classic wireless mouse. Already up for sale in both the US and Canada, they were specially designed to be of ambidextrous use – that means, they can see action on either hand, with the Traveler 6000 wireless mouse proving that user-friendliness and detailed design are Genius’s tradition.

The Genius Traveler 6000 wireless mouse will feature a smooth and accurate 1200 dpi optical engine, and won’t be out of place when connected to a machine of your choice (desktop, notebook or netbook, it doesn’t really matter) via a super small Pico USB receiver. This receiver is so tiny that you can always leave it plugged in even when you’re moving around the office, without worrying over your head whether the receiver will bend or break. Then again, you will find that most of the high end wireless mice these days have extremely tiny USB receivers, so Genius follows them in this suit.

With an energy-saving and long-range 2.4GHz RF wireless frequency, users will have the flexibility of uninterrupted wireless connectivity, and there is even a storage compartment thrown into the mouse itself to hold the Pico receiver when not in use. To further conserve power, an on/off switch is available to make sure no battery juice is wasted on your travelers. An AAA alkaline battery is thrown into the mix to help you get started right out of the box.

As for the Genius Traveler 6000 Classic, this is a special edition model that boasts of an elegant top cover design which you can see above.

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