Hands on with the AblePlanet Sound Clarity Active Noise Canceling Headphones

by Mark R

There’s nothing I like more than reviewing Able Planet headphones. In my experience, they are somewhat pricey, but they are quite good.

This is because they have that Linx Audio, which has won several awards, including CES Innovations, five years in a row. The Sound Clarity Headphones have the company’s Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for reducing background noise.

The ANC is a feature which requires batteries, but the Sound Clarity Headphones come with the 2 AAA batteries required for them. Even though the batteries are included, they are sometimes not even required as the user is pretty well bombarded by sound without the ANC engaged.

Yes, these cushion ear cups are what you need to drown out the world, and I have a hard time hearing anyone around me when these headphones are on, and that is without the ANC.

In short, I highly recommend the Sound Clarity Headphones and pretty much every other type of headphones that Able Planet puts out. Right now, they have this deal where you can get a free gift of an iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch, or iPod nano with purchase. Check that deal out here if you are interested, and the Sound Clarity Active Noise Canceling Headphones with instant gift of an 8GB iPod nano is available for $249.99 here.

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