Is there a Wii 2 in the future?

According to an interview with Industry Gamers, EA Games label head Frank Gibeau said that the Wii was a “Legacy console” like the PS2. He also let it slip (accidentally or on purpose) that Nintendo is “coming back with a second act”.
Gentlemen, start your rumors! I have seen how a small quote like this becomes rumor, and that rumor becomes fact, eventually. That Verizon iPhone, for example, or iPads with cameras.
In this case, it is the Wii 2. And where else to unveil the Wii 2 then at E3 in LA this June?
This alone makes me want to go to the gaming convention and see what is up! I think we all know what needs to be improved. First of all, it has to do HD. That is a no-brainer. The motion controller was a hit, but the new Wii 2 (Wii II?) ones had better be better than the Playstation Move. Also, that sensor bar had better be like a Kinect.
While I am dreaming, why don’t we put in glasses free 3D like the 3DS? I have heard the Wii sales are down, and so Nintendo has to do something to compete.
Well, I still believe that the big company will always be subject to the demands of the consumer. Hopefully this post will make it to the ears of Nintendo and they will seriously get to work on the Wiiii. That’s my term for the Wii 2. You will note that it sounds like Wheeee!

3 thoughts on “Is there a Wii 2 in the future?”

  1. Wii 2?? Hopefully it can out do the Playstation Move, because that’s the best motion controller out there.

  2. the lack of sales is probably due to nintendo not making enough on purpose again.. forcing everyone to get sick of the wait time for one and buy a kinect

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