This Bike Rack is also a Desk

by Mark R

For those who have an executive job and ride a bike to work, this is for you.

Let’s face it, bikes take up a lot of space when they are not in use. Parking them in the office is an option, if you or your boss don’t mind the eyesore. You could put a bike in a rack outdoors, where the bike can fall prey to thieves as well as elements like rain and sunshine.

This particular bike rack is by Store MUU, and it works as a fully functioning desk. You will note what the chair is.

Yes, I believe that using a bike seat as a desk chair is probably going to be the most uncomfortable, especially if you are male. I could expound on that, but I won’t bother.

Personally, I like the outdoor version of this, as it looks like more of a temporary stop along the way. This makes me want to bike across the nation with my laptop in some backpack, as long as I knew that these bike rack desks were there. Someone needs to create an App that shows where these are throughout the world. Hopefully, there will be an access point nearby.

I don’t think these are for sale, but as you can see, they come in both metal and wood.


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