CyberPower throws in world’s fastest graphics card into new offerings


When it comes to the world of competitive PC gaming, you can be sure that most folks would want nothing but the very best inside the chassis of their machines. Of course, you would not only enjoy the benefits of a large screen display by seeing more pixels than your opponents, having the right kind of keyboard and mouse combination would also go a long, long way in helping you achieve digital domination among your peers.

One important component that cannot be overlooked (apart from the processor of choice, of course) would be the graphics card – now, CyberPower intends to deliver nothing but the very best for its customers by announcing a series of high-end desktop gaming PCs which are based on AMD’s new Radeon HD 6990 graphics card, and it is with solid backing that AMD has called that as the “world’s fastest.”

CyberPower will make available the new Radeon HD 6990 graphics card through its entire lineup of desktop gaming PCs, ranging from the Gamer Dragon and Ultra all the way to its extreme Fang EVO Series. Of course, you can be sure that such performance will not come cheap, with the starting price for a CyberPower Radeon HD 6990-based system standing at $1,399, going north from there.

Just what makes the Radeon HD 6990 so special? For starters, it comes with a couple of Cayman GPUs which have been clocked at 830MHz, 3072 stream processors, 192 texture units, two 256-bit memory channels, and 4GBs of GDDR5 running at 5000MHz. Apart from that, if you think that you are still performance starved, there is the option to bump up the speed by a simple flip of a switch on top of the card in order to enable the built-in overclocking mode – that alone will boost the clock frequency to 880MHz. If you decide to run that with another Radeon 6990 in a Quad CrossFire configuration, your rig will hit a performance boost from 60% to 100% on extremely high-resolution applications.

All CyberPower machines will come pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Operating System with Service Pack 1 in order to enhance your gaming and multimedia experience, accompanied by an industry-best 3-year limited warranty and free lifetime phone support.

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