Georgia Tech has taught Simon the robot to make certain we pay attention to it

by Mark R

One of the things that I have noticed about robots is that developing an actual functioning one is a lot of baby steps.

I seems like someone develops a good robot arm, someone else has a robot eye, and someone else has to figure out how to make a robot do some minor thing like snap its fingers. In the case of the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech, someone has figured out how to make its robot, Simon, get your attention.

Wow, it is hard enough to teach a child to do this properly. I can only imagine that its tricky to teach something that is electronic. You can watch the video here to see more on it.

Apparently, it can recognize when you are distracted from it, and it can wave it’s hand accordingly. Too bad they didn’t teach it to say “Yo” like Number 5 from Short Circuit. It has some sort of cameras to detect human inattention, and it has an “80 percent accuracy rating for spotting day-dreamers”.

I wonder about the other 20 percent. They are probably saying “hey, I was listening, you didn’t have to do that”. Anyway, I suppose that Simon is another way that we can make our robots become more “human”. I guess we all want that.


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