DIY Pulse Laser Gun looks like it was sent from the future

This Pulse Laser Gun may look like it is from the future, but believe me, it was just recently made.
The gun was a DIY project that has a small pulse laser head and generates a kW-pulse of infrared light. There is a video below of it shooting a balloon, but it can blast through plastic, razorblade, and even 5mm of Styrofoam. It has a range a 3 meters, and the gun itself is 320mm long and weighs at 2 pounds.
Just be warned, there isn’t any sound at the beginning of the video, but it kicks in later. Too bad there isn’t any laser pewpew sound. To make up for sound is the sight of this blue lights to create a real science fiction look.
The video says that it is battery powered, and it is good for about 50 shots. For obvious reasons, safety glasses are required at all times.
According to the video, it sounds as if the creator has sold this gun. Hopefully it came with a matching holster. However, it sounds like he or she wants to make more. This looks like you would have to have a license to carry one of these, or a Stromtrooper or Clone Trooper uniform.


5 thoughts on “DIY Pulse Laser Gun looks like it was sent from the future”

  1. Please contact me concerning availability. I would like to make a decision between this and a taser for my wife’s protection.
    Thank You,
    R. Abadier, M.D.

  2. Please let me know if this laser gun available for sale. and How much it cost.
    Thank You
    Sabeh hazime

  3. Wow this is very cool! alomst futuristic, liek right out of star wars or star trek! never thought it would be real.

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