Apple’s “Places” – I know where you are, and I saw what you did.


Did you ever Google yourself and were amazed at the scary amount of information you could find? I mean, the days of an unlisted phone number keeping you hidden are gone like the buffalo. I was already concerned with what personal information could be found on the internet, and it just keeps getting more invasive. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all fantastic, amazing advances, and I love the idea of it all, but it seems to be, well, dangerous.

So I hate to join in on the rumor mill, but I will, as it looks like Apple is planning a social networking hub, and if I understand it correctly, this particular “service” will deserve the Big Brother Award, in the not too distant future. Ten days ago, The European Trademarks and Designs Office published Apple’s latest trademark application for “Places” under application 009760141 and if I am reading it correctly, “Places” is pretty much an online social networking service that, among other things will use Apples mobile devices and GPS to allow its users to actually locate people, anywhere.

I know the popularity of some location based social apps and I am drawn to the fun of it all, hide and seek at its best, finding your friends unexpectedly, always knowing where your loved ones are, but then, inevitably, I think of the bad that can come with it. Stalkers and ex’s and stalking ex’s and criminals… oh my!

Obviously we know an application doesn’t mean it will happen, or even that it will happen the way it looked like it would, but with all the “location aware” devices out there, the technology is certainly in place and with Apple in the drivers seat I shudder at how advanced it will be. Is the day coming when your iDevice can pick a face out of a crowd in Times Square at midnight? and would that be a good thing? I always say to myself in situations like this, just because we can, doesn’t mean we should, does it? Maybe it does.


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