Chewbacca Talking 15″ Plush


Gotta love the tag line of this plush toy – “From a galaxy fur fur away…”. Well, everyone knows the George Lucas has more than enough money to spend over a few lifetimes, but that doesn’t mean the master sci-fi storyteller (some might beg to differ) thinks that he has enough dosh in the bank – otherwise, why would he come out and say that he will release all six Star Wars movies in 3D from 2012 onwards?

Well, you might want to get on all the Star Wars goodness with the Chewbacca Talking 15″ Plush a year earlier, where he retails for £29.99 while sporting rather lifelike fur and an oversized head. Give his tummy a nice, big squeeze and he will let loose the classic Wookie “Haaaaaaarn” sound to keep you entertained.

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Mindy Sneider Says: March 9, 2011 at 10:08 am

Ha! To quote a fictional character from a kids movie – which name i forgot- “So fluffy!”
Adorable doll 🙂

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