Verbatim Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard for iPad and iPhone

The iPhone and iPad are pretty darn fine devices in their own right, otherwise how else are you able to explain the phenomenal sales figures of both, alongside frenzied lines that form with the release of each device, what more the iPad 2? This just goes to show how popular Apple products are throughout the world, and that is certainly an opportunity for other third party accessory manufacturers to churn out accessories to go with your iOS-powered devices.
Verbatim, being a name that is more often than not associated with storage devices, are now back with their Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard for both the iPad and iPhone. Makes perfect sense, and chances are business oriented folks will be picking this up since they would most probably find it to be rather challenging to churn out a business document in record time using nothing but a touchscreen display interface and virtual keyboard.

Shipping to retailers nationwide, the Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard for iPad and iPhone was specially designed to work with Bluetooth-enabled iPads and iPhones. Coming in an extremely slim form factor, this foldable keyboard will be able to deliver a far more familiar typing method to both iPad and iPhone users, as it makes it a whole lot easier to compose e-mails and other important documents using their touchscreen devices.
Apart from that, the keyboard’s media console can also play, pause and control iTunes music directly without missing a beat. As mentioned earlier, its form factor makes it a snap to tote around, and when folded, you can stuff it in just about any pants pocket. Each $79.99 purchase will be accompanied by a premium carrying case and iPhone stand, where the latter is a snap to slide away and stored into the keyboard body itself, doubling up as a convenient way of doing things while offering protection simultaneously.
Just make sure you have enough AAA batteries to go along with the Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard.
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7 thoughts on “Verbatim Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard for iPad and iPhone”

  1. WOW! How stupid is this idea? This defeats the whole purpose of touchscreen sleek mobile gadget. Why would I buy a separate keyboard to use with my ipad? Ipad isn’t made for business but rather luxury and comfort with minimal space required. If you need a keyboard to use your ipad for business or whatever, why you think they invited laptops you dumbasses! This is like taking a laptop and cutting it in half and than wanting to glue it back again because you realize you need the keyboard hahahahahaha!!!!!!! How stupid is this? Ipad was made for fun, not business… You want a business computer that’s easy to carry and has everything you need- buy a laptop, not an ipad you moron.

  2. @Hukiworld
    WOW! How stupid are you?
    Just because you use the iPad just for fun doesn’t mean that is all it can be used for. A lot of people use it as a laptop replacment becuase A) It’s smaller, B) you always have an internet connection (via 3G) so no faffing with wifi hotspots, c) It does basic field office work just fine.
    The only downside to using an iPad like this was the onscreen keyboard (text entry is just to slow). If I can take something like this in my briefcase along with my iPad it is a perfect solution. When I’m just updating some of our webforms I can use the onscreen keyboard but when I then went to type out a long email or use IM (which I use for fun and to speak to my family when I’m away) then I could use this keyboard instead.

  3. @Barney Looks like the idiot is you for logging around two devices when all you need is a simple thin laptop which they do have instead of carrying with you two gadgets- that was my main point you moron. WOW! Didn’t think someone would take it personally hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  4. @Barney I was simply stating a simple fact about ipads that even the CEO President of Apple would agree, ipads weren’t made to replace laptops but were made to use for basic web surfing and yes you can use it as a laptop but it’s not it’s main purpose since it’s not as powerful as a desktop but eventually that will chance too I’m sure.
    Didn’t you ever see the presentation given when ipads were being introduced? I guess not you imbecilic workaholic.

  5. @Barney Why the flying f**k do I want to mix business and please on my fun pad? That’s how you end up with a heart attack you jerk for not knowing when to separate the two- remember that.

  6. I never replied to any moron on this site but you mister Barney which by the way suits you good since your as stupid as the dinosaur itself playing with kids, I refuse to continue any further explanations on this cool site, I won’t turn it into a forum comment war. Whatever else you direct to me, remember two things:
    1- I won’t be back on this page to even care what you posted because like Barney the purple dinosaur, you should go talk to your age group(children).
    2- You completely misunderstood everything I said about the true purpose of an ipad making you the BIGGEST idiot aboard online replying to a comment not even aimed at you or anyone but rather the purpose of the gadget itself.
    people like you is why we can’t get along ever and why there will always be hate, war and you name it- you wake up and end the day by insulting someone you don’t even know without taking into account the repercussions if I am physco and go cyber stalk you to find out where you live and kill you when least expected… Scary huh? You have no idea just how technologically advanced I am to find out eggxactly where you live.
    One word of eggvice- piss off and die!

  7. @Hukiworld
    Damn, I just happened to stumble across this and just have to say that you have to be the most retarded whackjob I’ve come across in a long time. You are nothing but another worthless internet troll that can do nothing but insult people for no reason and offer nothing intelligent to say. Quite frankly I couldn’t care if you ever read this but I couldn’t stand to think that somebody else might also find this and see nobody even bothered to tell you what a complete loser you are. And if you do read this; shut the hell up and try to keep in mind that nobody is interested in what your dumb ass has to say.

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