Someone taught a Robot Seal to shoot a basketball with a 99 percent success rate

Say hello to Paro, the Japanese robotic seal. It is the creation of some roboticists at National Chiao-Tung University in Taiwan.
Even though a robot seal would be pretty interesting, this is just a robot arm dressed up to look like a seal. For some reason, they made it so the arm/seal can shoot baskets.
After all, who wouldn’t want to train a real seal to shoot a basket? I mean, we teach them to balance balls on their noses, but stray away from the idea of seals playing professional sports. This seal can shoot a basket with a 99 percent success rate. Yes, that is quite good. You can watch more in the video after the jump.
I’m not talking about a 99 percent successful shooting statistic derived from a stationary place. The creators of robo-seal have developed some sort of basekt that moves around and can even change its angle. The seal gets it almost every time.
You might be wondering how it does this amazing feat. Apparently, there are cameras that can detect the placement of the backboard and can calculate what kind of throw is needed for a good swoosh.
So, what’s our next move? Do we remake Air Bud with Paro the seal. I don’t see why not. Everything is being remade anyhow, and we could save a bundle on special effects.


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