Jetpack and skis are going uphill fast

by Mark R

I haven’t been skiing in a long time, but if you’ve never been, it can often be twenty percent going downhill and eighty percent waiting or riding on a chairlift.

Of course, ski-lifts are a necessary evil, because it is impossible to ski uphill. This wasn’t good enough for Troy Harman, who realized that a jetpack is the best way to get up those hills.

The ski jetpack uses two engines from a decommissioned military UAV, and they propel him up the slopes at about 47 mph. Feel free to watch a video after the jump to see his ski-camera.

For those who have never heard of Troy Harman, you should know that he is an “all around stunt stud and extreme sports junkie”. This man jumps out of exploding planes, as well as jumping out of a plate glass window on the 37th floor of an office tower.

Okay, now is the time where someone needs to figure out how to make one of these jetpacks for skiers. Can you imagine an age where ski-lifts are a thing of the past, and skiers just zip uphill as fast as they go downhill?

Yeah, that’s probably Jetsons-era technology, but that certainly would be fun. Just watch out for skiers going the other way as you go down or up?


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