Check out this Matryomin orchestra

by Mark R

Did you ever see something so unusual, that you just had to stare at it, like a spectator at an auto accident?

Well, let’s see what we have in the video after the jump:

1) Many attractive women in evening dresses that seem quite overdressed.
2) They are all wearing stethoscopes.
3) They are all holding matryoshka dolls, big ones.
4) They are playing a theremin like instrument by signing with their hands.

Yeah, Just one of those four things might succeed in capturing my attention, and the video has all of it. This is a demonstration of the Matryomin device, and it was created in 2000 by Masami Takeuchi.

I am surprised that I haven’t seen this before. After all, it is so odd that it borders on comical. You know, I can just see some show like America’s Funniest Videos try and show this footage and insert a laugh track. Personally, I think that would be in bad taste.

Man, I wonder if this group (that is known as Mable) can do the theme to Star Trek. Hey, I got an idea, is there a way that we can open up the doll, and make notes for higher octaves, or something. That would be very cool.


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