Today, it is officially iPad 2 day!

As you might have guessed, this is one of those stories that we have to report on, simply because we are a tech blog. I’m sure that most of you already know that Steve Jobs made the big announcement that the iPad 2 is on its way. Hit the jump to see what you haven’t heard.
Most of the announcement confirmed rumors. It will have the cameras, both front and back facing. Steve also promised some nice Photo Booth software as well as Facetime.
The iPad 2 is 33 percent thinner than the original, and lighter at 1.3 pounds (original was 1.5 pounds). Also on the inside is the new A5 chip that will bring graphics 9 times as fast as the original, with a CPU speed that is twice as fast. The same gyroscope that resides on the inside of the iPod Touch and iPhone will also be inside the iPad 2. As for the battery life, it will be a 10 hours, with over a month of standby.
The shipping date for the iPad 2 is quite immediate at March 11th. The price will be the same as the original, and it will come in black and white.
Of course, Steve Jobs did not just announce just the iPad 2, but he announced the Smart Cover, an accessory that magnetically sticks to the front of the iPad 2. He also announced an HDMI out cable, not to mention lots of new Apps, and iOS 4.3.

2 thoughts on “Today, it is officially iPad 2 day!”

  1. Who cares… Every web based company is now spitting out tablets like pills so even with this new ipad2 it’s not going do as well as the droid phones and tablets now coming out. Apple finally met it’s match with Motorola Xoom and that is only the first of tablets that will defy the laws of connectivity and touch power.
    Unless apple can become truly innovative as it’s done in the past, it will start to fall behind. Ipad2 is just taking a product already there and adding extra features, that isn’t a WOW factor for me, it’s like adding an extra assh*** in my forehead and calling it new. If apple truly wants to be on top as they have in the past, they need to go beyond 3DTV, beyond droid and beyond touchscreen capabilities… They need to start experimenting with pure motion and eye movement only.
    Those toys you see that are controlled with your thought but it’s actually measuring your pulse activity to control how the toy works, this is what we need next. Just imagine a phone you unlock with your eye retina scan, you have a bluetooth device connected to your ear(behind the ear like a hearing aide) which taps into your cerebral electrical synaptic responses flowing through your entire sphere of your brain, those giving the user control of their phone almost mentally by using their retina to choose an app and with thought(concentration), it opes the app and than you use voice commands to do rest.
    Maybe this conceptual idea might be out of reach for apple right now by intel will out gun them soon. But the whole retina and voice is very real and possible application that could be used right now on smartphones if the companies truly wanted the first touchless smartphone.
    A phone you don’t even need to have greasy fingerprints all over the screen- how nice and cool is that 🙂

  2. It’s great that Apple is always improving their devices, and hukiworld that sounds like a great idea, I just don’t think the world is ready yet for that type of technology. I think I’ll be picking up the second iPad since I didn’t the first. Working and subscribing with DISH Network the iPad 2 is going to make my TV Everywhere look amazing since the screen will be bigger than my phone. Can’t wait to bring my live and recorded TV with me everywhere! 🙂

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