Fly like an eagle with this Emotiv headset and setup

In case you thought the iPad 2 was the most exciting thing of the day, you should know that you can now fly using nothing but the power of the mind.
Before you get any Peter Pan fantasies going on, you should know that this is in the experimental stage from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Their virtual reality device allows users to hang by a harness, but this year, the mind as well as the body is involved.
Project leader Yehuda Duenyas added an Emotiv headset to the mix. For those of you not familiar with Emotiv, it is essentially a headset that can somehow read the brain impulses of your mind. It is the same technology used in BrainDriver.
This would probably be the Brainflyer. You can see in the video below how it works. The person somehow thinks about flying, and the machine takes them in this direction. You can check my Source for more flying videos, and the results are pretty impressive.
I’m guessing that one day this set-up will be made with a room full of screens that will make it appear that you are soaring along city blocks like Superman. I would definitely like to try that out. However, will they perfect this virtual flying technology first, or actual lightweight jetpacks for real flying? Only time will tell.

Ascent – first EEG flight interface tests from XXXY on Vimeo.