Four Attractant Mosquito Trap


Certain mosquitoes do carry some deadly diseases, and it goes without saying that they are a pest which we could all do without. I’m not too sure how it will affect the overall ecological system though, but surely frogs and other carnivores who feast on mosquitoes can find other insects to keep themselves full?

Us as humans can do our part to make sure that these little critters will not be able to feast on our blood for long, especially when we’re outdoors, with the Four Attractant Mosquito Trap. This unique device will emit light, vibrations, heat, and a scent which will be able to attract and kill mosquitoes across the length and breadth of one acre.

An LED light oscillates at frequencies which have long been proven to appeal to mosquitoes’ spectral sensitivity, where the trap itself is capable of producing gentle vibrations which will excite the pesky insects, drawing them in to their death knell. Infrared heat is also emitted to simulate human body temperature as it produces the smell of octenol (more scientifically inclined readers would know that this is the same chemical in human breath and sweat) that will further enhance its ability to lure mosquitoes to the trap.

More or less capable of “ushering” mosquitoes to a certain death trap, any one of them who are unfortunate enough to gravitate to the unit will see a fan pulls them into a collection net, where they will be trapped for all eternity (insert evil laughter here) and die of dehydration in due time. Hmmm, interesting – I do wonder just how much water does a mosquito need in order to survive – we wish there was a way to zap all of them in the trapped compartment for a fast death.

So far, an independent medical entomologist has tested leading traps and the four attractant mosquito trap managed to capture 1,343 mosquitoes per night, which is a whole lot better compared to competing models which collected as few as 215. To sweeten the deal and make this all the more environmentally friendly, an integrated digital timer will turn the trap on and off at any time (and any day) of your choice.

Each $249.99 purchase comes with an octenol strip which can last for up to 30 days. It is powered via an AC outlet, and has a 60′ cord to extend its reach far and wide in and around your home.

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