DARPA and Boston Dynamics unite for a “cheetah robot”

by Mark R

I have seen DARPA’s ideas for defense before, and they always seem to see far-out, right out of science fiction.

Take this particular robot cheetah. It clearly looks like the character Ravage from the Transformers. I think he had a cameo in the last live-action movie.

DARPA and Boston Dynamics are teaming up to create this particular and peculiar robot cheetah. They are shooting for a speed of 20 to 30 miles per hour. Just to put that into perspective, a real cheetah travels 60 to 70 miles per hour. Yeah, that is slower than a cheetah, but it is faster than a human.

Of course, what really makes this interesting is that “take tight corners so it can zigzag to chase or evade, and be able start and stop on a dime”. In other words, it will do the cool things that cheetahs can do, but not as fast.

Personally, this is always the limitations of robots, as they are always so robotic in motion. Normally, robots are so jerky, and I would be very impressed if they could capture even a fraction of the cheetah’s fluid motion.

According to my Source, the robot cheetah has a few high definition infrared cameras for eyes and radio antennas for ears.

We’ll see if this robot cheetah will fly, or, more accurately, run. DARPA is apparently giving Boston Dynamics 20 months for them to have a decent prototype. Let’s see if they meet this deadline.


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hukiworld Says: March 1, 2011 at 10:39 pm

20 months!!! In two and half years I can build you a cyborg. Are they that retarded? I always thought DARPA were all geniuses but apparently not if they work slower than college students.

hukiworld Says: March 1, 2011 at 10:47 pm

This is eggxactly why it’s the year 2011 and no scientist has yet even been able to create a robotic humanoid with fluid walking motion or even facial expressions. If it wasn’t for computer generated animation, movies like transformers would suck to go see if Hollywood filmed live robots trying to walk or transform hahahahahaha!

We will never achieve that height in technology, not because we can’t but because we procrastinate on matters unnecessary like spending billions to build a walking dog and blow it up in the military field and who pays for all that sh**, we tax payers and taxes go up and new taxes are made up each year. We are so screwed thanks to Obama.

Wait, how did I end up making this a political issue? Hahahahahaha!

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