Shadow Ebike is first wireless power-assist electric bicycle in the world

Here is another world’s first, this time around it is a form of transportation that might just have you switch from four wheels to a two-wheeler. We’re talking about the Shadow Ebike, a wireless power-assist electric bicycle that is touted to be the first of its kind in the world. Definitely a whole lot more different from a standard pedal-powered bike, it goes one up on the rest of the electric bicycles in the market by looking dapper.
Just how much more aesthetically pleasing is it, you ask? For starters, you won’t have any of those ugly electrical wiring hanging outside the frame, since this unsightly mess has been done away, chalking another victory for the world of electric bicycles.

Toronto-based Daymak Inc. is the brains behind this vehicle, and it has integrated ISM 2.4 GHz wireless thanks to frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology in order to prevent interference. It is interesting to note that the Shadow lacks brake or gear cables, and even better is there are no visible electric wires running from the motor to the batteries, the controller or throttle.
Whenever you turn the electric motor on or off, the magnetic regenerative brakes, the throttle and the pedal assist will be controlled wirelessly via the Daymak Drive controller. The only wiring and electronics (and that includes the motor), lithium polymer battery and wireless Daymak Drive controller, are all crammed into the bike’s front wheel – now how about that for miniaturization?
The front wheel has also been specially designed to fit into a custom designed fork and frame, with the wheel sporting a USB port, charging port and an LED battery power display. Whenever brakes are applied from the wireless throttle, the regenerative braking system will come to life, sending juice back to the batteries and the wheel which will also double up as a generator to recharge devices via the USB port.
Daymak hopes that the Shadow Ebike will be a success when it arrives around the world this April 30th, retailing for a cool $1,999.
Source: Gizmag