This PC Tower case has a Lego texture

by Mark R

I don’t own a PC anymore, but if I did ever get a desktop, then I would just have to get the Coobeeo HELLO-Q PC Tower Case.

As you can see, this Tower Case has a building block front. I would imagine that it is compatible with Lego and Mega Blocks.

The picture here gives some good examples of what to do with it. I mean, you can spell out certain messages. That, or make a place to hold your pens, and is that a Bluetooth headset hanging on a brick?

Of course, I can think of something that I would do with this. I would make a massive Lego project. Maybe I would turn this PC Tower into a Lego apartment building and I would be the view of the Lego characters inside.

I wonder if there is a possibility of making a mod with Lego bricks in laptop form. That way, I could make a Lego scene which would be affixed to the thing when I was using the computer. Hey, how about television sets or Blu-ray players with Lego exteriors? In other words, why is this PC Tower the only device I know with a Lego texture?

I’m not certain where you can purchase this at, but it certainly looks a lot of fun.


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