TazTag announces TazPad NFC Android-powered tablet


CeBIT 2011 is the place to be if you’re curious to see what an NFC-enabled Android-powered tablet would look like, as TazTag has just announced a product of its own in the same vein – the TazPad. Sounds a bit like something from Looney Tunes, although you won’t see any Tasmanian Devil twirling around like a dervish.

TazTag is a French expert when it comes to contactless technologies, and recently confirmed its intention to supply the market with the whole works of NFC products. The TazPad is where all the action’s at if you’re going to head down towards CeBIT 2011.

The TazPad can be said to be the only product of its kind on the market, where it will be equipped with a 7-inch color display that boasts multitouch capacity not to mention a full HD and HDMI output which will hook up via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and ZigBee (the same applies to all TazTag products). Apart from that, the TazPad does not lack in any other multimedia/entertainment department since it also boasts of a camera, GPS navigation, and an accelerometer.

Being part of its secure hardware and software architecture, the TazPad is pretty special on the market as it also sports a biometric authentication option for added security reasons. The tablet, being powered by the Android operating system, will definitely go the way in appealing to the largest mobile applications developer community.

Targeting professionals, it will link the back end system with the vendor and their customers. Take for example, once biometric authentication on the TazPad is confirmed, a vendor may be able to provide specific information on products, read up on his client’s loyalty card (card or NFC phone), book orders on site and even register a secure payment.

Sans the biometric option, the TazPad can also see action in aisle end displays or store window, letting customers know about a product that is presented to the tablet.
Integrators and service providers will also be able to develop and customize new contactless applications while meeting their clients’ needs and expectations courtesy of the TazPad.

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