Check out this utopian eco village

It has been a while since I reported on a futuristic concept of a city or building, but I like this particular one by Vincent Callebaut.
This utopian eco village, or Callebaut’s Coral Reef, is an artificial pier resting on seismic piles in the Caribbean Sea. I believe that the vision of this is to create new housing projects for people of Haiti that have been left devastated by the earthquake.
Of course, that is pretty high price housing, and who knows who is going to fund this. Still, the housing is modular and each family is to have a plot of land to grow their individual food. See what else my Source’s Source says about it after the jump.

A canyon flows between two rows of housing and is filled with a tropical ecosystem for the local fauna and the flora. Aquaculture farms and grey water recycling plants filter and process the water before sending it into the sea. The entire complex is carbon neutral and powered via a number of different renewable energy sources. Power would be generated from thermal energy conversion under the pier, marine currents, vertical axis wind turbines, and solar photovoltaics.

So it is eco-friendly, and in the Caribbean. Man, I so want to live there.