Workplace full of domes and trees, in short, it is ideal

The other day, we reported on the Bubble Tree. It was not a tree that made bubbles, but a dome-shaped tent that allows the user the comfort of the indoors outdoors.
I thought it was a good example of “futuristic” technology, but I didn’t realize that Christian Pottgeisser Architect’s website showed one of their creations had implemented similar Bubble Tree tech.
As you can see in the image, this is a workplace where the cubicles have been replaced with sphericals. There might not be much privacy with these transparent screens, but they sure look a lot better than the cloth cubicles.
Also, that wood on the floor looks cool, and just so you know, the trees that are springing up from the ground are fake. I wonder what it would take to make them real? I suppose that sunlight would have to be provided from a skylight, but watering them would be simple. Of course, they could grow, which means the wood base around them would have to be trimmed.
Real trees or faux trees, I will have to say that this is an office that I would gladly work in. Most offices are designed to minimize distraction, but end up minimizing imagination and dedication.