Sega Toys Spray Art Toy allows for 3D creations

Some of you might know about this “new” 3D fad that has been going around, and has even affected toys like the 3D Giant Chalk from Crayola.
Another toy that has 3D capability is this 3D Spray Art Pro from Sega Toys, and it involves a sprayer that allows creations to be viewed in 3D. I am going to assume that the glasses are the Chromadepth glasses, like the one on the Crayola.
The main unit is battery-powered and there are colors of every type that can be used. Also included in this package are some cutesy greeting cards, just to start the user out.
I do not really know how the 3D effect works on this, and I do not think a video of it would help. Unless the video uses special effects to show what it is like. Then again, those special effects dramatizations never look as good as real life.
The 3D Spray Art Pro will be available in Japan on April 28 for a price of about $45. This certainly seems like something that would be a hit in America, so I would definitely advise Sega to bring it over. Just to let you know, the set includes on main unit (sprayer), two pairs of 3D glasses, 5 color pens, as well as 10 greeting cards.