AOC to deliver Aire Black LED monitor


Who would have thought that AOC is the world’s largest manufacturer of LCD/LED Monitors and HDTVs? I myself would think much more of other notable players including Samsung and LG, but what the heck – facts speak for themselves. Well, having said that, AOC has just unveiled their spanking new Aire Black LED, which is actually a glossy piano-black monitor that boasts the fact of it being one of the world’s slimmest display panels.

This is a new all-black addition to the already popular AireLED Series, and you can expect it to offer much more compared to its predecessors. Among the bonus features would include an embedded Screen+ software which lets you divide the screen into a quartet of self-contained work areas. Sounds good if you happen to do a whole lot of multitasking, but the screen sizes of 20″, 22″ and 23″ won’t be able to do your eyes much justice in the long run – we say go for a dual monitor setup instead.

The sleek widescreen Aire Black LED monitor is pretty proud of being one of the slimmest display panels on the market at the moment, measuring a mere 12.7mm in size. The monitor itself delivers impressive image quality that should be super pleasing on your eyes, although we will need to verify that for ourselves if they decide to send a review unit.

Features include a 50,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, 5ms response time, and a DVI-D with HDCP input that ought to make for an above-average HD viewing experience. It boasts of the EPEAT Gold Certification due to its green packaging and production, as the Aire Black LED Monitor sips on average a mere 15 watts of energy and includes an eSaver feature which allows you to preset power conservation modes for the display whenever the PC is left alone.

As mentioned earlier, the Aire Black LED monitor will be available in 20-inch (e2043Fk, $129), 22-inch (e2243Fwk, $149) and 23-inch (e2343Fk, $179) screen sizes, and at those price points, it ain’t too shabby if you’re looking for a secondary monitor to boost your productivity at home or at the office.

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