The Bubble Tree: The best way to enjoy the outdoors, indoors

I’ve always wanted to enjoy nature, but sometimes it can be too…natural.
I’m referring to times when I want to have a picnic under the stars, but it is way too cold at night. Or if I want to have a dinner on the beach, but I don’t want to have sand everywhere.
This is the vision of the Bubble Tree, an invention of Pierre Stephane Dumas that allows the user to be “one with nature, but in luxury”. There is a video of it after the jump, but it is in French.
I can’t really understand all of what it is the video, but I believe that word “futuristic” sounds a lot like the French version of it. I think that at some point in the past, we thought the future (our present) would be full of transparent bubble structures, but that never really happened.
This Bubble Tree would be something I would definitely take on my next camping trip if I didn’t want to rough it. Then I could sleep under the stars without catching a cold and on a bed instead of the cold, wet ground.
Right now, it appears that the Bubble Tree is in the concept stage right now, but I see no reason why it couldn’t be mass-produced. I’m sure that it would be quite expensive.