Phone Frenzy – Call Your Friends to Play


Wasn’t it just a matter of time before technology crept into the inner workings of everything we hold sacred? Well, here we sit, as the ever present mobile phone invades the last bastion of non-tech family game night, the lowly board game. Does anyone remember those?

As if my husband and daughter really needed yet another way to rip through their cell phone minutes, it seems like the folks over at Buffalo Games have created just the thing to help them out, Phone Frenzy, the board game that use’s everyone’s mobile phone as the center of the game. Players draw cards that require a call or a text to be sent to one of the players contacts, in the hope that without being told it’s a game, he or she will still play along.

Phone Frenzy is the first socially interactive party game that claims to be more about WHO you now than WHAT you know. So call your friends and ask them to sing a song, answer a question or send you a picture, and remember, you cant tell them it’s a game. I already know who my go to guy is. Do you?

Phone Frenzy is for 2-10 players (not including your phone friends), and contains challenge cards, a timer, a gameboard and instructions. You knew it was just a matter of time, right?

Phone Frenzy will be available this summer for around $22.00 bucks, extra phone charges absolutely not included.


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