Automatic Closure Pet Gate

If you have had enough of your four legged friend roaming around the house as he/she pleases, perhaps it is time to lay down the law and let your furkid know who is the alpha dog. Why not get the Automatic Closure Pet Gate and make sure that both human and canine have their own place, a quiet area to rest and relax from each other? Of course, it might take some getting used to, and you’d best potty train the little fellow (this gate doesn’t look as though it can fit in anything larger than toy or small breeds) lest he/she makes a mess of the situation.
The Automatic Closure Pet Gate is a pet gate with an integrated door which will automatically shuts behind you, helping prevent unwarranted canine escapes in the process. With the inclusion of spring hinges, the door will open wide for master, albeit closing quickly before dogs can barge through. There is also a strong dual-magnetic closure that holds the door securely in place, making it perfect for just about all open floor plans.
Comprising of a quartet of 20″-wide hinged panels that swivel a full 360ยบ, it allows you to set up your own Z-shaped or semi-circle configurations. Of course, we’re sure that those with bunnies might want to consider this as well. The Automatic Closure Pet Gate can be erected for just $199.95.