iPhone Live Rider

Do you happen to love the great outdoors while zipping up and around on your bicycle? That’s a cinch with the iPhone Live Rider, where this £69.99 contraption will also deliver essential information as to whether all that workout of yours is making you any slimmer, burning away the love handles that have long plagued your waistline since the holiday season.
After all, exercise bikes in the gym are super boring – and they don’t let you feel the breeze of natural, fresh air going past your face, although their main advantage would be having extremely detailed information feedback on your body and how it is doing. With the iPhone Live Rider, the same thing can happen to you – although you will be literally on the road.
Before you use it though, make sure you have at least an iPhone or iPod touch that is mounted on the handlebar. With a sealed wireless sensor located near to your rear wheel, it will detect your bike’s speed and pedal cadence, sending such data to a dedicated application on your device – said app can be downloaded for free from iTunes, and your eyes will be able to check out the information in real time, now how about that?