Watson supercomputer wins big on Jeopardy

by Mark R

I’m sure that you probably already know this, but the talking A.I. supercomputer Watson has amassed much money on Jeopardy.

Watson’s final score over its three-day run is $77,147, which is tens of thousands of bills above former Jeopardy competitors Ken Jennings ($24,000) and Brad Rutter ($21,600).

So now that a computer has beat us on a game show, should we, as human beings, feel a little intimidated? I know that Andy Richter, co-host of the TBS Conan O’Brien, sure thinks so. You can watch a funny video after the jump to see his revenge.

So, what does this mean? Well, it just confirms a statement that I read in Charlie Brown’s Book of Questions and Answers, when I was in grade school. Some of you might remember this particular book series, and one of the questions in one of the books asked was: “Is a computer smarter than a human being?”

I believe the answer was that “a computer is not smarter, but simply faster”. I still have heard that the human brain is more advanced than any computer that we can make, but that was several decades ago. The Jeopardy contest proved that computers are still faster.

Even though this three-day contest between man and machine is over, I have no doubt that a rematch is being scheduled as we speak.


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