Lumileaf solar LED desk lamp


Sonelis Technologies has introduced the nature-inspired Lumileaf solar LED desk lamp for your home (or office, wherever you’re inclined), which might just change the way you view appliances. The Lumileaf will feature a 1.25W leaf-shaped solar panel that comes in an elegant brushed aluminum body, boasting an integrated 1800mA NiMH battery that makes sure the six 1.2W high-brightness energy efficient LED will be able to deliver ample light for just about any situation.

Specially designed to be used in both outdoor and indoor settings, the body has another advantage to help it survive outdoors – it is water resistant, which of course, doesn’t mean you can dunk this into a bathtub and expect it to function normally. We suppose light rain as well as the occasional splash of water wouldn’t hurt, especially when you have kids running around the yard with Super Soakers in hand.

Other features include an ambient sensor that automatically controls the LED’s operation, and the world’s first application of SMT LED directly onto the solar panel. No idea on pricing, but we do know that efficiency is the key here – heck, even the LED is embedded directly onto the solar panel.

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