Lazer Tag gets a huge upgrade with Light Strike

by Mark R

Some of you might remember the Worlds of Wonder game known as Lazer Tag, the game with toy laser guns zap sensors on your opponent’s chest.

The Lazer Tag toy went out of style back in the eighties, but I believe that there are still places where you can go to play more advanced versions of this game.

It looks like WowWee is trying to bring back the fad with a vengeance with the Light Strike laser gun kits. You can see what they are with a video after the jump.

Light Strike has made it so the weapon is fully customizable. There is even a fingerprint identification, so no one can use your gun but you! Think of it as a trigger lock for a laser. The user also has the option of changing the sound the gun makes.

With a little bit of accessory upgrading, a player can get a grenade launcher to maximize on damage. He or she can also add on a machine gun or even a targeting scope.

Although the original Lazer Tag involved the players having unlimited ammo, Laser Strike players still have to “reload” by hitting the clip. The Laser Striker guns also have a health meter that reminds me of the game Dead Space.

These Laser Strike toys will be available later this year, but I do not have a price or exact release date as yet.


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