Paper Jamz has some updates

by Mark R

We have reported on WowWee’s Paper Jamz guitars before, in fact, we have reported on it several times.

My son recently got one of these Paper Jamz guitars for his seventh birthday, and it is fun to play “Two Princes” by the Spin Doctors on it. I didn’t think there was much to do on this thing, but WowWee is now doing something more with them.

The first update is the downloadable content, more power chords, as well as a special waa waa function that will bend notes when the neck is shook up. This is definitely not meant to be a replacement for Guitar Hero.

Apparently, there is no problem with the thickness of the Paper Jamz, and they will remain as thin as ever. In addition to the downloadable song content, there are downloadable guitar sounds that include “heavy metal and twanging country”.

By the way, there is a new keytar Paper Jamz that is devoted to Justin Bieber. It includes Bieber voice samples, Bieber songs, a drum kit, plus an octave of note and effects. This is the point where I make Justin Bieber jokes, but I think the fact that this pre-teen is a huge sensation is funny enough.

I don’t have any word of when these new Paper Jamz will be out, nor the new Justin Bieber Paper Jamz keytar. I also don’t have a price.


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