My Review of the Sewell HD Deck USB to HDMI Adapter

Some of you might remember when we reviewed the Aluratek AUH100F USB to HDMI 720p Adapter. I received another adapter recently from Sewell called the HD Deck that is also a USB to HDTV adapter, and found it quite similar.
I’ll go ahead and start with the similarities. The Sewell HD Deck is a small box that can be connected to a computer and then an HDTV so what is on the PC is now on the screen.
I was never able to get the screen to be a perfect match, and I think it has to do with resolution on both. I was able to have my TV set Mirror my PC screen, or make it a secondary monitor. By the way, the HDMI to HDMI cable is not included. I’ll get to the differences between the Aluratek and Sewell devices after the jump.
The Aluratek was able to go to 720p, but the Sewell model goes up to 1080p. I seem to remember that the AUH100 had to be plugged into the wall, but the Sewell model had a power cord that required another free USB port. That was quite helpful, actually.
I cannot understand why the HDdeck does not appear on the Sewell website, but I believe it costs about $99.95.

3 thoughts on “My Review of the Sewell HD Deck USB to HDMI Adapter”

  1. I agree, it is a pile of crap. I worn out my computer trying to install the software, etc. I have up and fed the Sewell #3100 HDdeck to the dog. He refuse to have a taste of this crappy piece of metal.

  2. I can repeat as other have written, God would send this HD Deck to hell, and that it where these crapshooters that made this piece of “nothing” should go also. I paid my last dollar …$99.00 plus some shipping believing this would work to send a PC streaming live news casts to my HDTV. That didn’t work, and never will. I threw this is the trash dump and the trash people returned it.

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