Harrier Jet for sale on eBay bought by 7-year-old, but no sale

Have you ever wanted to get yourself your very own VTOL (Vertical Take-Off Landing) plane? Apparently, there was an EX RAF 4 Harrier jet on sale on eBay.
I’m just going to assume that any guns or missiles had to be removed, and I won’t get into the legalities of what it would probably take to actually own and fly one of these. The price was $113,000 for the Buy-It-Now rate, which was irresistible to a seven-year-old in London.
As you can imagine, the boy’s parents would not let him have a Harrier. (I honestly don’t know any parents who would except for Richie Rich.) The father made a call to Jet Art Aviation Limited, the company that posted the jet, and explained the situation. It sounds like that company understood and retracted the bid without too much hassle.
I can’t help but think of a similar case involving Pepsi Stuff back in 1996. Pepsi showed an ad where a young boy has earned certain normal items like a T-shirt, leather jacket, and sunglasses with Pepsi Points. The end of the commercial showed the boy flying to school in a harrier jet, which is subtitled “7,000,000 Pepsi points”.
Well, someone actually found a way to earn 7 million Pepsi Points, and took Pepsi to court over it. It was not ruled in the plaintiff’s favor, and no jet was ever given away.